“Seasoned” Citizens Can Earn Car Insurance Discounts

Sun City, Arizona promotes its affordable housing, utilities, taxes and of course its golf. The community, with zip code 85345 was started over 50 years ago to serve what they call “seasoned citizens”. We like that terminology, and view our seasoned drivers as experienced and who deserve some of the best insurance rates available.

If you live in Sun City or the 85345 area code, you can qualify for some pretty attractive car insurance rates. Now you can see them right online. As an independent insurance agency in the area, our agents offer the products of multiple carriers. That means when you get quotes from us, there is a pool of companies competing for your car insurance business. When you use our online system, you will be shown several quotes from many of these different companies. You choose the car insurance quote that works best for you.

It is a new and simple way to compare car insurance rates from the comfort of your Sun City area home. If you are interested in comparing homeowners insurance rates in the 85345 area, we also offer online quotes for home insurance. The process is the same. Simply fill out the online form and submit your information. In minutes you can be saving money on your auto homeowners and car insurance. If you are not sure of the Arizona state minimums or what coverage may work best for you, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to take advantage of your driving experience to help save money on your insurance products, call us. Our agents like the idea of seasoned drivers earning discounts and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get yours!

Automobile Insurance in The Peoria Arizona Area

The city of Peoria, found in the 85345 zip code, is home to stunning natural desert beauty and fun outdoor attractions. Sports tend to take center stage here, with the giant Peoria Sports Complex where pro baseball teams train ranking as a top attraction. The city is beautiful from nearly any direction, though: Surrounded by desert and mountains, your drives will always be scenic ones here. Naturally, such beautiful surroundings could be a bit distracting, so practicing safe driving is especially important in this area.

Neighborhoods from the Weedville area to the City Center in Peoria all need good automobile insurance. This is partly to follow the Arizona law, and partly to make sure that you are protected in a collision. Keep reading to learn more about automobile insurance in Arizona.

The main type of automobile insurance in AZ is liability insurance. When you are the one who caused an accident, you are liable for paying the damages. The damages could include medical bills, bills for car repair, and even other intangible damages that result from the collision. Your liability insurance will pay for damages that you are responsible for.

Many people also choose to have collision insurance as well. When you are liable in a wreck, you will not have any coverage from your liability insurance. The main reason for this is that liability is there to protect others, so your own vehicle damages won’t be paid by that. However, collision coverage does protect your car so that you can pay for any repairs that are needed after a wreck that you caused.

The biggest weapon that you have in auto insurance today is your ability to compare. Use our live comparative quote tool to get prices on policies from multiple major providers in just minutes – for absolutely free! We at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance are happy to help.