Do You Have Adequate Insurance as an Owner-Operator?

Arizona has miles and miles of the open road that many truckers travel along during the course of their day. The scenic routes are relaxing, and afford truck drivers the ability to see the open country. For many owner-operators, this is a dream come true. They get to travel and make money at the same time. 

As business owners, owner-operators may not think twice about the type of insurance they have for their trucks. They may simply call to get a quote before getting on the road, and take the cheapest plan offered to them; however, this may leave their business exposed. If you are an owner-operator, consider the following to make sure your business is protected while you are driving through Arizona.

General Liability
Owner-operators must have comprehensive coverage to ensure their business is protected. Without it, the driver could be sued and have to cover the costs of the lawsuit from his/her profits. General liability provides owner-operators the insurance coverage they need beyond basic liability. With this insurance, drivers are covered for injury and property damage. Many owner-operators can get limits in the millions to ensure they have enough auto insurance if they are found liable in a lawsuit.

Cargo Insurance
When you are hauling millions in property for your clients, you want to make sure it gets to the right destination in the same physical condition as it was when it left your client’s care. Unfortunately, this cannot happen all the time, and drivers are held responsible. With cargo insurance, your insurance company will help you cover the costs of hauling cargo, whether you are driving locally or across the country.

As an owner-operator, you are a business owner. If you want to continue the lifestyle you have grown to love, you should ensure that you have the right insurance coverage on all of your policies. You should also check with our professional insurance agents to see if there are any other types of insurance available to safeguard your business.

As a Same-Sex Couple, Are You Getting Your Marriage Discount From Your Insurer?

Across the United States, the idea of same-sex marriages continues to be extremely controversial. In October, 2014, Arizona became one of the many states that allow same-sex marriage. With the legalization of same-sex marriage, couples are able to reap the same rewards as heterosexual couples who are married. Or, are they? 

Discounts for Married Couples
Many insurance companies provide heterosexual couples discounts on car insurance. Research has shown people who are married drive safer, and get in fewer accidents, which is why insurance companies discount their premiums. However, there are some insurance providers that do not extend this same courtesy to same-sex marriages—they pay the same rate as they always did. 

Talk to Your Insurance Company about Discounts
The only way to know for certain that you and your spouse are getting the discount is to inquire about the amount you pay each month. Since most insurance providers categorize coverage, you and your agent can easily determine what part of your insurance coverage is discounted. If you find that you are not getting a discount for being married, help the insurance company see the error in calculating your rate.

No Discounts for Same-Sex Couples
For couples who are not eligible to receive a discount because they are in a same-sex marriage, find an insurance agent that will honor the discount. Our insurance agents will be happy to provide you with a quote, including quotes on insurance policies that are eligible for discounts for married couples. The process is easy, and you do not need a lot of paperwork if you have your Declarations page available.