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How Much Umbrella Insurance Does Your Business Need?

Many business owners in Phoenix, AZ purchase umbrella insurance to protect their companies from potential liabilities. Determining which umbrella insurance policy a business should carry can be difficult, though. If you own a small business and aren’t sure what type or how much coverage your company should carry, here’s two factors you should consider: the type of business you own and its perceived risk.

The Type of Business

Businesses are exposed to different levels of risk, depending on the nature of the work they do. The potential liabilities of a company vary from industry to industry, and even within industries.

For instance, a commercial builder that constructs Arizona’s tallest buildings is exposed to different risks than a hair salon. Both businesses may be sued, but the potential lawsuits they face are different. They each need an umbrella insurance policy that includes coverages for their potential risks.

The Perceived Risk

The perceived risk of your business will determine what limits you should look for in a policy. In the above example, the commercial contractor has a much higher perceived risk than the hair salon. The liability of having a skyscraper collapse is larger than messing up someone’s hair.

While all businesses face potential lawsuits, think critically about the realistic amount your business may be liable for. Your limits should be around this figure.

Help Finding Umbrella Insurance

If you need help finding umbrella insurance, call one of our independent agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance. We’ve helped many businesses in Phoenix, AZ think about the types and levels of risk they face. After helping you determine what level of coverage is appropriate, our independent agent will scour all the policies that have the coverage you need to see which one comes with the lowest premiums. We’ll make sure you are fully protected without paying more than you should.