Summer Safety Tips For Your Pet In Phoenix

Summers are hot in Phoenix and you need to do all you can in order to protect your pets. It’s not just the heat that can create problems for your pet, either. Understanding more about the issues can help you to provide a higher level of safety and protection.

Dehydration is common amongst pets during the summer months. This means you want to give them access to water constantly – inside and outside. If you take your pets to a park or anywhere else, be sure that you bring a bottle of water or a dish if there is somewhere with regular access to water.

It is a good idea to know the signs of dehydration and overheating. Such signs include a body temperature of 103° or higher, excessive panting, as well as dry gums.

As your pet walks along the concrete, you have to be cautious of the pads on their feet. The concrete can be very hot, even after sunset. You can find booties and various other protective gear at your local pet shop so that they can walk along the concrete without injuring themselves.

Summers in Phoenix also result in more bugs – and you want to protect them against mosquito bites, as well as fleas and ticks. Mosquitoes can carry heartworm, and there is preventative medicine that you can get from your vet so they can stay protected all year long.

Your pets cannot look out for themselves and therefore it is up to you. Provide them with plenty of water, give them shade when you walk outside, and never leave them inside of a parked car.

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Tips for Driving In Your Teens

Living in Phoenix, Arizona means that your children will have easy access to a wide variety of events and attractions as they get older. Once they hit their teen years, there are so many attractions that you’ll likely find it difficult to convince them to stay at home. If you’re unable to take them to these events and attractions, they’ll have to drive themselves, of course assuming they have a permit or driver’s license. But before your teen takes off behind the wheel of car, make sure you share these easy-to-follow tips when driving.

Keep Your Phone On Silent

You should always tell your teen to keep his phone on silent when driving. Even better is to turn the phone off to ensure the teen won’t get distracted while driving. Texting and driving should be completely forbidden, and talking on the phone while driving should only occur during an emergency.

Get Plenty of Night Practice Hours

If possible, you should squeeze in as many nighttime practice hours as possible with your teen. It’s also ideal to drive in various weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain, and fog. The more practice your teen has, the better.

No Long Distance Trips

Only the most experienced of drivers should take off on long distance trips. Your teen driver has not been driving for very long, thus they lack experience. This is why you shouldn’t allow your teen to drive any longer than two to three hours at a time without taking a long break.

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