Does Home Liability Insurance Add Additional Protection?

When you look at all of the coverage you get with your homeowner’s insurance in Peoria, you’re going to see home liability. This form of insurance has the ability to add additional protection. What kind of protection? It can vary on a case to case basis, but it has to do with someone becoming injured on your property.

There are many ways someone can become injured, such as:

  • Dog bite
  • Slip and fall
  • Falling off roof
  • Tripping in yard

The list can go on and on. Regardless of how the injury happens, you can be held liable as the homeowner and thus financially responsible, too. This can make it hard for you to keep your head above water because the number of things you could be held financially responsible for can be extensive.

Depending on the level of injuries, you may have to pay for a lot. The additional protection can provide financial assistance with the following.

Legal expenses: If you get sued, hiring a lawyer becomes a necessity.

Medical bills: Even if a person has health insurance, their medical bills will add up and become your responsibility.

Wages: Any word the injured person misses can fall to you to make up so they can continue to bring in income.

Pain and suffering: This is often in the form of a settlement for the person who was injured.

The liability coverage can provide financial help in all of these areas so you don’t go broke. You simply have to have the right limits in place so a claim can take care of all of it.

Call and speak to one of our independent insurance agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance to learn more about home liability insurance and how you can add protection to your homeowner’s policy in Peoria, Arizona.

Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Twenty-four percent of weather-related accidents happen due to snow, ice, and a slushy mix on the pavement. With all the precipitation on the road, driving slower becomes automatic, but there are other ways you can protect yourself in Peoria, AZ when you are driving on winter roads.

Dress Your Tires in Chains

When there is precipitation on the road, you have less friction. With less friction, you have less control over your cars, which could ultimately lead to an accident. By placing chains on your tires, you increase the friction between your tires and snow-covered pavement.

Use Anti Lock Brakes Properly

If you lose control of your car while driving, the decision you make in a few split seconds could keep your family safe. To ensure that you can stop while you are driving in the snow, it’s important to know how to properly use your anti lock brakes.

Stomp your brakes. Do not simply press your brakes as if you are traveling on regular pavement. You have to stomp your brakes first.

Press firmly on the brakes. After you’ve stomped on the brakes, continue to press them so that your car will stop.

Continue to steer your car. While activating your anti lock brakes, continue to steer your car so that you are avoiding other cars.

Never Use Cruise Control While Driving on Snow and Ice

When taking a long trip, it’s natural to want to set your cruise control. Cruise control is a nice convenience when the roads are clear. Unfortunately, when there is snow and ice on the road, cruise control can be the catalyst that creates an accident.

At Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, we want you to be safe while driving this winter. In addition to following our driver safety tips, give us a call to get a quote on car insurance. We have the perfect insurance policy for your family.