Should I Swing It: Can I Afford Life Insurance?

Everyone would love to have life insurance, but how many believe they can actually afford it? Thankfully, we’re going to provide information regarding life insurance and how it cater to your budget. With this being said, here’s a look at how you can afford life insurance.

Why People Avoid Life Insurance

Studies have shown that over 80% of Americans overestimate the price of life insurance and many Americans under the age of 25 assume that it costs ten times more than it actually is. However, packages such as term life insurance can be adjusted to provide the most amount of coverage for a significantly smaller price than average life insurance packages.

How To Afford Life Insurance

Telling someone to simply save money doesn’t really lead a potential life insurance investor into the right direction. So to add context on life insurance affordability, here’s a few excellent ways to prepare yourself for life insurance:

  • Stay In Shape – The healthier you are, the less you are likely to pay for life insurance. Stay stress-free as often as possible and try to exercise regularly.
  • Trim Your Expenses – Make coffee from home a few days a week (instead of going to a shop). Begin utilizing coupons and taking advantage of deals. Shop at the end of the season and buy things on clearance.

Considering the information above, it’s fairly easy to set yourself up with a great life insurance deal. At Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, we can set you up with the best life insurance options available for your budget. Given the wide availability of options, it’s likely that you’ll walk away with a smile knowing you have yourself (or your family) covered in the event of an emergency.

Important Car Tools That Don’t Take Up Much Space

Driving around metro Phoenix generally doesn’t bring out too much crazy weather. Some rain during the late summer, but other than that, weather typically isn’t a factor. This way, unlike your driving counterparts in the north, you don’t need to keep a snow shuffle or ice scrapper in the trunk. However, you should keep a few other tools inside of your vehicle at all times. These tools don’t take up much space, and no matter what vehicle you have, it will fit.

Multi-Socket Screwdriver

The multi-socket screwdriver isn’t an oversized set. Each head rotates with a different sized socket or bit on it. This way, you only need one and it works for a dozen different sizes. If possible, go with a longer arm tool. This gives you more leverage and torque while using it. So, if you need to change a tire or work on a tough screw, it comes off easier.

Zip Ties

Buy a bag of large zip ties, toss them into your glove box and forget about them. You may be glad you did. Whether you’re involved in an accident and the bumper is hanging or your muffler starts to drag, zip ties are a quick fix until you make it to the body shop. If you are in an accident, contact your Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance company and the police before leaving. A large number of drivers around Phoenix, AZ do not have insurance and you need to document everything.

Jumper Cables

Always have jumper cables. Spring for a 10 foot pair instead of a six foot pair as it gives you more leeway when charging a dead battery. If you want to go all out, go for the instant-charge device that allows you to jump your vehicle without the aid of another. Either way, it doesn’t take up much space.

Call the friendly agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance to review your auto insurance policy or to begin working on a new one.