Tips for Lending Your Vehicle to a Friend

Even if you have responsible friends, accidents happen. It is important to know what you should do to protect yourself and your property, if you decide to lend your vehicle to a friend.

  • Check for a driver’s license. Make sure that your friend has a license. This may seem obvious, but you may not be aware that their license was recently suspended or revoked. If your friend has an accident, your insurance may be denied.
  • Sign a Borrowed Vehicle Agreement. This type of agreement is similar to what rental car companies use. A Borrowed Vehicle Agreement stipulates and outlines exactly what is expected of your friend after you hand them the keys to your vehicle. Make sure to state that no one other than the intended borrower will drive and they will not drink while operating your vehicle while it is in their possession.
  • Check your friends’ driving record. You can obtain a person’s driving record through your local DMV office or online. If the person asking to borrow your vehicle has outstanding tickets, violations, or has been in multiple accidents, it is best to be cautious and keep your keys.
  • Put them on your insurance. If you are sharing a car regularly with your friend, you should think about putting them on your insurance as another driver. Your insurance company is more likely to pay out a claim, if the person that you are lending your vehicle to has an accident. You can also ask them to pay part of the premium if they are going to be a regular driver.

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance is a Phoenix independent insurance agency that is licensed in Arizona. Their experienced agents are available to assist you with insurance matters. They can help you decide what options to take if you decide to lend your car to a friend.

How to Prep Your Home or Flash Flooding

When it comes to Phoenix and just about everywhere else in Arizona, most people think of the desert, dry and arid conditions. For Phoenix, this is typically the case. Further south in Tucson and the surrounding area, monsoon season comes towards the end of summertime. This can hit Phoenix at times, resulting in potential flash flooding. The ground simply is not made to absorb so much water at once while the city does not have the same drainage capabilities as a town accustom to precipitation throughout the year. Due to this, flash flooding can occur. As Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance points out, it is necessary to protect your property to avoid any potential water damage associated with the heavy rains.

Elevate Major Appliances

When expecting a flash flood, elevate the furnace, electrical panel and water heater. This way, should water find its way into the house it does not damage and destroy this equipment. Also, during the dry months, look into raising electrical outlets a foot higher, just to ensure moisture is not able to find its way to the power grid of the house.

Sandbags Around Openings

If your front door is on ground level (without several steps up to the door) fill sandbags and place this on the door and any other opening of the house. This way, the water is less likely to come in contact with your door. Understand which way the storm is coming and which way your street flows (if it slopes down in one direction). This should help you determine the best angle for placing the sandbags.

Waterproof Basement

If you have a basement, apply a waterproofing compound over the walls and floor to avoid any possible seepage into the home. If you have cracks in the foundation, bring in a foundation specialist to waterproof the basement during the dry season.