Why States Require Auto Insurance

The vast majority of states in America require car insurance. Arizona is one of these states, so residents of Phoenix, AZ have to purchase car insurance before hitting the road. If they are caught driving without insurance, the penalties are significant. They may include the car being towed, a fine, and a suspended license. Thankfully, it is easy to purchase insurance from a firm such as Schaller and Thomas Family Insurance. This will insure you are covered in the event of an accident and won’t get in trouble if you’re pulled over. But why do states require car insurance in the first place? Read on to find out.

Reason #1 That States Require Auto Insurance: It Saves Money

Car accidents are incredibly expensive. Not just the damage to the car, but also property damage and injuries. Many people cannot pay for these damages, and the state ends up footing the bill one way or another. Also, the state government is trying to act in the best interests of its citizens by attempting to save them from financial ruin.

Reason #2 That States Require Auto Insurance: It Saves Time

Auto insurers help their customers through the aftermath of an accident. They have done this many times, and have the whole process streamlined. This means that people involved in a car accident put less strain on various government services, such as policing and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The insurance company already has established relationships with state and local governments, so they can get everything done more quickly.

Reason #3 That States Require Auto Insurance: Peace of Mind for Their Residents

Another reason that states require auto insurance is that residents of cities like Phoenix, AZ put pressure on them to do so. These residents were concerned about their finances, of course, but they also wanted to have peace of mind. If you are driving with car insurance purchased from an agency like Schaller and Thomas Family Insurance, you know that you’re covered in the event of an accident.