Ways to Have a More Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales can be very common in Phoenix, AZ but they are not always successful. If having a yard sale is something that you want to do, you will want to take the time to ensure that it is a successful one and you make the money you are looking for. Use these tips from Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance before you host your yard sale:

  • Invite neighbors to take part. A yard sale can be even more successful if you have multiple families selling items. The bigger the yard sale the more people that will come.
  • Plan your yard sale for the weekend. You will have a lot more traffic if you schedule it for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday so aim for a combination of those days. 
  • Advertise. You want to be sure to plan ahead and make some signs so people know that the yard sale is happening. If you have the signs out a few days before, more people will be exposed to the signs and can come when it is happening.
  • Clean the items you are selling. If you are selling items that are used, you want to make sure they are not dirty and gross. When they are clean, more people will be willing to purchase them from you. 

No matter what steps you take before your yard sale, you should also look into getting a great home insurance policy so you can protect your home and your finances. If you do not already have one, be sure to contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance serving Phoenix, AZ for a free quote and to explore your options. If you do have one, they can make sure you are not paying too much or have any gaps in coverage.

Auto Insurance in Peoria, AZ

Route 66 is a famous American Southwest touring destination with a few risks along the way. When planning the auto excursion of a lifetime, make sure you have auto insurance to protect against collision and theft.  

Auto insurance is mandated for drivers owning vehicles in Arizona. Drivers in Arizona required by law to hold a minimum of auto liability insurance. Liability auto insurance covers another drivers injuries and property damage claim after an accident. Depending on a driver’s record, Arizona rules to auto insurance registration may require comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

The main categories of auto insurance coverage available to Arizona drivers are:

Liability Coverage – the minimum auto insurance every driver must be covered by in Arizona, auto liability insurance compensates for another driver’s injury and property damage claim.

Property Coverage – covers the costs of vehicle repair and replacement property after an accident or vandalism.

Medical Coverage – medical and hospitalization bill coverage, as well as lost wages due to injury, or funeral expenses.

Comprehensive Coverage – a single policy that covers liability, property, and medical costs related to an accident or theft claim.

Insured premium requirements of auto insurance policies are generally indexed higher for comprehensive auto insurance products. Comprehensive coverage protects a driver from future medical, property repair, or attorney fees. Drivers with an accident or traffic ticket record, or those categorized as a higher risk, may be obliged to meet Arizona’s auto insurance guidelines to comprehensive coverage. A driving records may redeem a discount incentive. Ask your insurance broker if about auto insurance discount eligibility for a good driver record.

To find out about auto insurance coverage policy premiums, claims grace periods, and terms and conditions, and to request a quote, contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, Phoenix, AZ.