3 Tips for Shopping for Homeowner’s Insurance in Peoria

Peoria, AZ is a great place to live. The weather is sunny all year round, the cost of living is low compared to cities like Seattle and New York, and there is always something to do. If you live in the Peoria, AZ area or are planning to move here and buy property, you will need to have home owner’s insurance.  We’ve put together a few tips to help you get started when buying home insurance in Phoenix.

1.  Compare Policies

Different insurance companies offer different policies with different rates. A reputable insurance agent can help you narrow down your choices and then choose the best one for your Phoenix property.

2.  Bundle Insurance Coverage

If you have auto insurance, boat insurance, or RV insurance with an insurance company, bundling your home owner’s insurance policy with existing policies is a great way to save money.

3. Choose a Friendly Insurance Agent

When it comes time to buy a home insurance policy for your home in Phoenix, you will want to work with and insurance agent who is friendly and responsive to your questions. When looking for an insurance agent you can always ask for references to help you make the best choice.

At Schaller & Thomas Family insurance our trusted, friendly and reputable insurance agents can help you find the best home owner’s insurance policy for your Peoria, AZ home. We will help you compare policies and look any discounts you may be eligible for, such as bundling insurance policies under the same insurance company. To reach an experienced insurance agent at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance call us at 623-580-8688.


Considerations Before Letting Someone Borrow Your Car

At some point in your life, there will be someone who asks to borrow your car. They may be a friend or family member but before you hand over your keys, you need to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Use these tips from Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, serving Peoria, AZ, to make sure it is the best idea. 

  • Make sure they have a license. You do not want to give your keys to someone who is not legally registered to drive. Check this before going any further but looking at their driver’s license to make sure it is valid. 
  • Ask about their driving history. You want to know if someone who is about to drive your car has had any accidents. If they are someone who has had quite a few or has gotten a few speeding tickets, you make not want to let them borrow your car. 
  • Find out why they want to use it. If they will be using it for commercial purposes, you will want to make sure your policy covers that. If it is for personal uses, it is likely still covered. 
  • Determine how long they need it. If someone just needs it for the day then you don’t need to add them to your policy but if they will be using it a lot for the next few months, you may want to add them.

You also always want to make sure your insurance is up to date and will protect you in case you are not the one driving when something happens. To take a look at your policy to ensure there are not gaps or to get a quote for a new policy, be sure to contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, serving Peoria, AZ.