Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Being diagnosed with cancer can feel devastating.  With the possibilities of treatment options in the Peoria, AZ area today, many go on to live an active normal life. Surviving a cancer diagnosis often makes one think about their mortality and their loved ones, which often leads to thinking about life insurance.  You may believe life insurance is impossible, but this is incorrect, there are policy options.

Life insurance may be a little more complicated if you have just recovered, and it can also depend on the type, stage, and location of the cancer. Because you’ve survived, that increases the prognosis. A new policy can be more expensive at first, but it can be decreased to a better rate over time.  It’s important that you keep following your doctor’s advice, continue with your follow-up visits, and make healthy life decisions.

Depending on the type of life insurance, after two to five years you can have them review your case to lower the premiums. You will need to provide your medical records, and it’s a good idea to have your physicians write a letter about how you’ve been managing your life since your recovery. For example, if you have lost weight, go to the gym regularly, stopped smoking or drinking, and are living a healthier life, then you want your doctor to let the insurance company know.  It can reduce your rates and move you to a lower risk and premium.

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance

The agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance in the Peoria, AZ area puts customer service first. Our agents have experience with life insurance and health issues to help you find the right life insurance option to help you take care of your loved ones if you are no longer there.

When Should I Review or Update My Auto Insurance Policy?

When you own a car for many years, it’s normal to stop thinking about auto insurance. Your insurance just becomes a bill you know have to pay every month. But a policy is not a static agreement. It’s based on the type of car you own, what you do with that car, and how you drive it. Here are a few tips from Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance if you haven’t reviewed your policy lately. 

Upgrading Your Car

The drivers of Peoria, AZ don’t always just accept the original build of their vehicle. That’s why businesses that sell custom rims, fancy gadgets, and incredible stereo systems can exist. If you’ve made any major investments to your car, then now is the time to ensure that your auto insurance policy reflects these new upgrades. 

Major Life Changes 

If you’ve gotten a new job or moved to a new place, these can change your risk factors. If you want to add your teenage son or your new spouse to your policy, then you’ll definitely have to update your coverage.

After Your Research 

Many drivers don’t realize just how little their policies actually cover, so doing research about yours can lead to the right updates. For example, if your current policy doesn’t cover an uninsured driver hitting you in Peoria, AZ, you may want to give that precaution a little more priority in your life. 

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance knows the importance of not being caught unawares, which is why we do everything possible to give you the right information before you have to file a claim. Call us to tell us more about your car and lifestyle, and we can help you decide on whether or not to update your coverage.