5 Reasons you should fall in love with umbrella insurance

There are critical reasons why you should consider having an umbrella policy since you are guaranteed of extra protection in case your normal policy limit is exceeded. Below are five reasons why you should fall in love with the Schaller & Thomas Family umbrella insurance policy.

1. You will be covered in case of a Pool Accident
A swimming pool is a good recreational facility around your home, but they pose a certain amount of risk. According to recent CDC statistics, there are over 3,500 unintentional drowning every year which is an average of 10 deaths per day. If you love relaxing in a pool with friends, an extra umbrella insurance coverage is highly recommended.

2. Your Pets Will be protected.
Your dog can intentionally or accidentally bite a visitor leading to unwarranted lawsuits and huge medical expenses. Notably, a dog bite can also lead to permanent disfigurement causing huge medical expenses.

3. Your Teenage Driver will be covered
Teenage drivers are involved in most accidents, and they can exceed your auto insurance liability limits. To make that you are protected against liability claims caused by your child, it is important to have extra insurance coverage.

4. Extra Automobiles are protected
You might possess other automobiles such as jet skis, and motorcycles which might not be covered by your primary auto or boat insurance policy. To ensure that they are safe, you should purchase umbrella insurance policy which will cater for all your automobile accidents.

5. The security of your guests is assured
If you are a fun oriented person who likes hosting guests at your home, umbrella insurance is critical since such party activities can have all types of eventualities. Considering that these events involve alcohol, a guest can easily have an accident at your house leading to liability claims. However, with Schaller & Thomas Family policy, you are assured of maximum coverage during all events.

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Why It’s Still Important to Insure an Old Car

A common scenario in Peoria AZ really became apparent a few years ago during the 2009 Recession and afterwards. Folks were holding onto older cars longer, keeping them going instead of trading them in and buying new ones. That raised a new question many hadn’t asked before: is it worth insuring an old car that isn’t a collectible when the cost of doing so might actually be worth more than the car itself? According to many insurance experts like those at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, the answer is a definitive yes. The part that many forget when they focus on comparing just immediate expenses is that auto insurance is far more than just a requirement to drive. It provides the critical financial safety net when an accident occurs that it doesn’t turn into a wage garnishment or bankruptcy due to damages. Further, not having auto insurance in many states can turn into criminal charges as well for a driver caught in violation. That too can turn into its own disaster, ruining a career and even one’s life with litigation costs and sentencing ramifications.

All of the above, fortunately, can be avoided very easily in Peoria, AZ by simply having a basic auto coverage plan in place. It doesn’t need to be the higher priced comprehensive type. A minimum required coverage policy can easily meet any necessary driving requirements and avoid serious headaches if an accident occurs. However, the same experts at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance would still advise considering the coverage that protects a driver fully, not just what is needed to drive legally. Accidents can happen in a moment, with huge ramifications for a person’s health and livelihood as well. To find out more how to choose the right plan call them today for more information.