Are Your Friends Covered Under Your Auto Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, auto insurance doesn’t follow the driver of a vehicle, it follows the vehicle.  This means that whoever drives your car with your permission is covered under your auto insurance. By obtaining comprehensive auto insurance from Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, your vehicle will be fully protected against accidents, whether you or a friend are driving.

Repercussions of Loaning Out Your Vehicle

If you loan your car to a friend and he causes an accident, your insurance would cover the claim as per the coverage in your policy. The claim, however, would go on your record as the owner of the vehicle. Claims from other drivers could eventually cause your insurance rates to rise. Loaning your vehicle to multiple drivers increases the risk of accidents which could result in higher insurance costs.

Permissive Use

Drivers who have your permission to operate your vehicle are covered under your policy. Those who live with you in Peoria, AZ should be put on your insurance policy to benefit from full insurance coverage. Family or friends who visit from time to time and occasionally borrow your vehicle don’t need to be listed on your policy to receive insurance coverage. As long as they have permission to drive your car, they will be automatically covered under your policy.

Non-permissive Use

On the flip side, if someone drives your car without permission and has an accident, you can’t be held liable for injuries or property damage to others as a result of the accident. The insurance company of the individual who took your car would be responsible for damages. If the individual has no insurance, your insurer may have to cover the damages.

For personalized auto insurance coverage that suits your specific needs, contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, Peoria, AZ.

What You Need to Know About Professional Disputes and Umbrella Insurance

A professional dispute can happen to anyone, and they can be much more serious than anyone even realizes. See how they work, and why umbrella insurance may be able to save you from a situation you can’t afford. Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance wants everyone to be as prepared as possible. 

Professional Disputes 

A professional dispute is typically a conflict between business owner and customer. Let’s say you own a bakery that makes custom birthday cakes for its clientele. One day, you have two orders for a strawberry and a chocolate cake, but you mix up the two orders and send them off to the wrong people. The child who receives the wrong cake is allergic to strawberries and manages to take a bite before they realize it’s not chocolate. As the bakery owner, you may be liable for not just the medical bills of the child, but potential emotional damages over a ruined birthday. 

Umbrella Insurance 

If you work in Peoria, AZ, it’s time to learn more about how umbrella insurance can provide extra liability protection for professional disputes. Chances are you already have some type of liability insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to consider extending your limits. A single lawsuit can add up quickly when it comes to time off work, court fees, legal costs, etc. Settling a case isn’t exactly going to be much cheaper, depending on what you choose to settle for. 

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance is happy to help the people of Peoria, AZ get the coverage they need, so they can keep their business alive even in the midst of a professional dispute. Calling us today may be the best way to get yourself the protection that will count when you need it the most.