Can You Use a Private Vehicle to Earn Money by Providing Ride-Sharing Services?

Ride-sharing has become very popular. This includes sharing a vehicle along with co-workers while commuting to work and sharing a vehicle with another person who pays for the service. Even if you are not being paid, such as when driving a carpool to work, you may need to adjust your auto insurance.

If you start regularly driving passengers around, this is a change in the use of a private vehicle from personal use to commercial use. Before you start taking passengers onboard in your vehicle, consult with your agent at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance serving Peoria, AZ and the surrounding area.

Requirements by Commercial Ride-Sharing Services

The online companies that provide commercial ride-hailing and ride-sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, and others, have specific requirements for the minimum levels of auto insurance that their drivers are required to carry. It is a fairly straight forward process to find auto insurance that meets these requirements. However, the basic minimums for auto insurance may not be adequate for your needs depending on the type of vehicle you own and how valuable it is.

Discuss your auto insurance needs and inform your agent about your desire to use a personal vehicle to earn money offering ride-sharing services.

Mixed-Use of a Vehicle

A vehicle may be used for more than one purpose by more than one driver. The user may be full-time or part-time and may change. Talk over all these details with your agent to make sure your auto insurance is adequate. Your agent will explain the policy options that provide protection for your specific needs.

Be sure to discuss coverage for casual drivers versus when another driver must be listed on the policy as an authorized driver.


There are millions of drivers that are making extra money by participating in ride-sharing. If you are driving a carpool, sharing your vehicle with others, and/or getting paid for commercial ride-sharing service you need different auto insurance than when you are solely driving the vehicle for personal use.

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Fire hazards in the home

A house fire can happen suddenly and can be devastating. Such a fire can not only seriously damage or destroy your home; it can take the lives of you and your loved ones.
Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance serving Peoria, AZ would like to point out some of these hazards and how to mitigate against them.

The majority of house fires start in the kitchen while preparing meals on a stove top. Be sure that you are in the kitchen at all times when you are preparing a meal. Try to keep flammable items such as paper towels away from the burners on your stove. Keep your cooktop as clean as possible from the residue left by grease splatters. If a fire does start, do not splash water on it. Use an extinguisher.

Space heaters cause a high percentage of house fires. Make sure that any flammable object is at least three feet away from space heaters. Avoid using candles that aren’t covered and, if you have a fireplace, keep flammable objects away from it, and do not leave the room if the fire is lit.

Check your electrical appliances for frayed or worn wires. Try to limit the number of appliances that are plugged into the same outlet.

Dryers can be a source of fires. Make sure that the lint screen is cleaned before using it.

Storage areas such as garages should be kept as uncluttered as possible. Flammable liquids should be in tightly sealed containers. The yard should be kept clear of debris. The grill should be away from the house and when in use, attended at all times.

You should have smoke detectors and an extinguisher in your home.

For any questions on home insurance, contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance serving Peoria, AZ.