Fix Up Your Fencing to Protect Your Home and Investment

Perhaps that crooked and crumbling fence at the back of your property has been like that for years. You consider the cost and effort of fixing it but decide you will save it for another year. Doing so could put your Phoenix AZ home and property at risk.  It’s time to do some fencing repairs!

A Sturdy Fence Discourages Thieves

A rickety fence that can be seen from the street will encourage a thief or vandal to investigate the rest of your property to look for easy pilfering.  By keeping your fence straight and painted, it tells criminals that there are easier pickings elsewhere. Even fixing the fence along the back of your property helps to prevent them from gaining entry in an unseen location.

Your Pretty Fence Encourages Neighbors to Do the Same

Property values increase when the entire neighborhood works to maintain their yards. When you add an attractive and secure fence to your front yard, it won’t be long before you’ll notice others doing the same. Or perhaps you only need to freshen up the paint on your existing fence. It’s also an opportunity to add additional security cameras and alarms to the perimeter.

Reduce Your Liabilities

If you own pets, a sturdy privacy fence also prevents any unfortunate incidents resulting from your dog running loose through the neighborhood.  Whether it’s an unwanted litter of puppies or a bite, your neighbors will think better of you for taking steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. It also adds a certain amount of freedom when you can let your furry friends out for a run off their leash.

For more home improvement tips that can help protect your home, investment and wealth, give your Phoenix AZ independent home insurance agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance a call today.