5 Tips For Safer Teen Driving

Is your teen driving? Are you worrying about how to make sure they are safe when they are on the road? You aren’t alone, of course. Every parent goes through this at some point, and this is especially true during the winter months. When it rains in Phoenix, AZ, people seem to forget how to drive, don’t they? While you don’t have the dramatic weather that they have in the Midwest or Northern states, you still have worries about your teen’s inexperience. Here are some tips the agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance have gathered to help them stay safe on the road:

1. No Texting, Period

This, along with not driving while under the influence, is probably the most important safety tip there is. Talk to your teen about texting and driving. Create serious consequences for breaking the rules, and if necessary, implement an app like TXTShield, that works with the car’s GPS to shut off texting when the car reaches a certain speed.

2. Be Sure They Understand It’s Better To Be Late Than In The Hospital

While being on time for work and school are important, be sure your teen knows that it’s not worth it to speed to get to their destination on time. Encourage them to leave early to be on time, and set a good example by not speeding yourself!

3. Be Sure The Vehicle Is Properly Maintained

Your teen may not think to check things like windshield wipers, tire pressure, and brake effectiveness. This is something you will have to teach them to be aware of and responsible for. Worn out windshield wiper blades and inadequate tire pressure are safety issues.

4. Be Prepared For Emergencies

Be sure your teen has a safety and first aid kit in their vehicle. Teach them what to do if they get in a fender bender or break down on the freeway. Let them know how they can stay safe in an emergency. Be sure they have blankets, water, and other emergency supplies in their car in case they ever need them.

5. Have Adequate Coverage

Be sure to sit down with your Phoenix insurance representative to make sure you have good coverage for your new teen driver. The more, the better. Contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance today to learn more.