5 Reasons you should fall in love with umbrella insurance

There are critical reasons why you should consider having an umbrella policy since you are guaranteed of extra protection in case your normal policy limit is exceeded. Below are five reasons why you should fall in love with the Schaller & Thomas Family umbrella insurance policy.

1. You will be covered in case of a Pool Accident
A swimming pool is a good recreational facility around your home, but they pose a certain amount of risk. According to recent CDC statistics, there are over 3,500 unintentional drowning every year which is an average of 10 deaths per day. If you love relaxing in a pool with friends, an extra umbrella insurance coverage is highly recommended.

2. Your Pets Will be protected.
Your dog can intentionally or accidentally bite a visitor leading to unwarranted lawsuits and huge medical expenses. Notably, a dog bite can also lead to permanent disfigurement causing huge medical expenses.

3. Your Teenage Driver will be covered
Teenage drivers are involved in most accidents, and they can exceed your auto insurance liability limits. To make that you are protected against liability claims caused by your child, it is important to have extra insurance coverage.

4. Extra Automobiles are protected
You might possess other automobiles such as jet skis, and motorcycles which might not be covered by your primary auto or boat insurance policy. To ensure that they are safe, you should purchase umbrella insurance policy which will cater for all your automobile accidents.

5. The security of your guests is assured
If you are a fun oriented person who likes hosting guests at your home, umbrella insurance is critical since such party activities can have all types of eventualities. Considering that these events involve alcohol, a guest can easily have an accident at your house leading to liability claims. However, with Schaller & Thomas Family policy, you are assured of maximum coverage during all events.

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Why It’s Still Important to Insure an Old Car

A common scenario in Peoria AZ really became apparent a few years ago during the 2009 Recession and afterwards. Folks were holding onto older cars longer, keeping them going instead of trading them in and buying new ones. That raised a new question many hadn’t asked before: is it worth insuring an old car that isn’t a collectible when the cost of doing so might actually be worth more than the car itself? According to many insurance experts like those at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, the answer is a definitive yes. The part that many forget when they focus on comparing just immediate expenses is that auto insurance is far more than just a requirement to drive. It provides the critical financial safety net when an accident occurs that it doesn’t turn into a wage garnishment or bankruptcy due to damages. Further, not having auto insurance in many states can turn into criminal charges as well for a driver caught in violation. That too can turn into its own disaster, ruining a career and even one’s life with litigation costs and sentencing ramifications.

All of the above, fortunately, can be avoided very easily in Peoria, AZ by simply having a basic auto coverage plan in place. It doesn’t need to be the higher priced comprehensive type. A minimum required coverage policy can easily meet any necessary driving requirements and avoid serious headaches if an accident occurs. However, the same experts at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance would still advise considering the coverage that protects a driver fully, not just what is needed to drive legally. Accidents can happen in a moment, with huge ramifications for a person’s health and livelihood as well. To find out more how to choose the right plan call them today for more information.

Things to Know About Peoria AZ Auto Insurance

If you are a Peoria, AZ resident in need of auto insurance, then search no further than Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance. We have a team of experienced agents who strive each day to offer you an insurance plan you need at an affordable price.

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance provides a comprehensive car insurance plan and also offers liability policy and other auto insurance coverage. We keep our rates such that our coverage matches the value of your funds providing the protection you need to protect both you and the car in the event of an accident.

Before purchasing an auto insurance coverage in Peoria, AZ, there are things you should know which include;

What is auto insurance?

This is the insurance planned to provide you with a financial protection in an incidence of an accident. It is a requirement of the state, and you are not allowed to drive without auto insurance.

Car insurance premiums

This is the amount you have to pay to get an insurance policy. You need to pay premiums to the insurance company, and in return, they will pay for your losses when damage occurs.

Auto insurance coverage

These are written policies by the insurance company which states your coverage

What are auto insurance deductibles?

Car insurance coverage has deductibles which are also referred to as excess payments. This happens when you claim your auto insurance policy. You are required to pay the excess fees to get compensation for the damages. The more the deductibles, the lesser your premiums will be, and this means that you will have to pay a lot more if an accident or damages occur and pay little on your premium.

How are premiums determined

Premiums are determined by many factors which include your driving record, age, gender, type of the vehicle being insured and the credit ratings.

Get an auto insurance quote in Peoria, AZ today by contacting us or getting it through our online rating tools and get started.

When Does a Small Business Need to Start Thinking About Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is important for any business and for many reasons. If you are a small business, you may not have considered commercial insurance a necessity. The truth is, the more business you conduct, the more vulnerable you are to accidents and mistakes. That is where commercial insurance comes in. Instead of shutting down your business because of expenses owed to a third party after an accident, commercial insurance can cover all or most of that cost so your business doesn’t skip a beat. If you are in the Peoria, AZ area, then insurance agents like you will find at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance can help you secure the best policy for your business.

Providing for Employees

If you have employees, then you need insurance that covers at least workers’ compensation. All companies with employees in the United States, including Arizona, must have worker’s compensation in place even for just one employee. After getting worker’s compensation insurance, other commercial insurance policies can cover many situations, such as business property in the event of damage, or from liability if a third party is injured or their property is damaged. 

When should your small business start thinking about commercial insurance? It’s a good idea to start thinking about it from the beginning, or at least once you start hiring employees, since employee-related insurance is required anyway.

Get a Quote Today

If your small business lacks commercial insurance, or if you are looking for a quote on a better rate than the commercial insurance you already have, then contacting Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance is the best place to start. If you live in or near Peoria, AZ, they can help you find the plan and rate that meet your needs. Contact them today to get a quote.

The Different Types Of Commercial Insurance In Arizona.

Much like your own personal insurance policies, commercial insurance can cover many different aspects of a business. It can be to cover accidents, vehicles, property, or certain instances of disasters. You may learn that there are commercial insurance policies that are available in Peoria, AZ that cover your specific needs. Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance may be what you are looking for when it comes to commercial insurance policies in Peoria, AZ or nearby areas.

Property Insurance

Using a commercial insurance policy, the property of the company can be covered in the event of damage from a natural disaster, fire, or other disasters. Much like protecting your home, your business can receive compensation if the office is damaged so that you can cover the repairs. There are other variations of commercial property insurance to cover specific items like glass insurance, boiler and machinery insurance, crime insurance, and more.

Liability Insurance

When you run a business that deals with the general public, you never know when you are at risk of being sued for whatever reason. If you are accused of property damage, personal injury, or other financial losses, your insurance policy can handle the legal fees that will be involved in such a complication. Some liability insurance policies may also cover the cost of damages if the resolution is not in your favor.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance is very well known by medical practitioners that own their own practice. A doctor may make a mistake or even be falsely accused of personal injury from a procedure, so having malpractice insurance will cover the legal fees and damages from such ordeals. Similar insurance policies are available for other professionals like real estate agents, architects, and others.

Automobile Insurance

Many businesses may have vehicles registered to the company, so automobile insurance may be needed. Employees may inevitably be involved in an accident, so covering your vehicles will mitigate damages and legal costs.

No matter what the needs of your business happen to be, feel free to send an inquiry to Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance to see if they can secure your business with one of their commercial insurance plans.

What if My Home Insurance Policy Doesn’t Fully Cover Home Replacement?

Once you have purchased a home in Peoria, AZ, you want to do everything you can to protect the investment. The best way to do that is by getting a home insurance policy through Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance. However, when you are getting this policy, you want to make sure you get the right amount of coverage. One of the areas to pay attention to is home replacement value. 

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

When it comes to home replacement value, you want to make sure that you have enough to cover the full replacement of your home if ever needed. You will want to know what your home is worth and make sure your policy covers the entire amount.

What if You Don’t Have Enough?

Not having enough coverage to fully replace your home in case you need it could be detrimental. If something happens to your home and you have to completely rebuild, you do not want to end up paying thousands out of pocket to do so. That is exactly what can happen though if you do not have full coverage. You could end up paying for the rebuild or deciding that you need to think of another option simply because it would be too expensive to pay for it out of pocket. This is likely the biggest investment of your life and you want to make sure you protect it, even if that means making sure you have full replacement coverage for the valued amount of the property. 

You will want to take a look at your current policy, if applicable, to make sure you have enough coverage. if you do not or you need to get a quote for a new policy, be sure to contact Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, serving Peoria, AZ, today for your free quote. 

How Quickly Should You Drop a Car From Your Auto Insurance After Selling It?

Auto insurance is required when you own a car. However, if you have sold the car, you may wonder how long you need to insure the car before you drop it from your auto insurance policy. This is a questions that we are often asked at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, serving the greater Peoria, AZ area. Here is what you need to know if you are selling a car and wonder about insurance.

Technically, once you have sold a car, you can drop it from your auto insurance policy. And it is strongly recommended that you do so immediately when you sell it to a dealership. However, if you have sold the car to a private party, it is recommended that you continue to carry coverage on the car until you file paperwork with the department of motor vehicles in the state of Arizona. You are required to file a release of liability with this entity within five days of selling the car. Until this is filed and approved by the department of motor vehicles, you can be held liable if the car is in an accident and the new buyer does not have auto insurance. This is the reason why it is recommended that you continue carrying insurance when sold to a private party. Once the paperwork is approved by the DMV, you can drop auto insurance immediately, as you are no longer liable for the automobile.

If you have questions about your current auto insurance policy, or are looking to purchase a new one, Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance, serving the greater Peoria, AZ area, would love to help you. Call us today for a free price quote or to schedule an appointment to talk about your insurance needs.

Self-Care for Stress Reduction

Feeling stress can come from a wide variety of sources, and everyone feels stressed at times; even if you live in the Sandy, UT area. What is important is how you manage your stress. Poorly managed stress can lead to many different health issues, such as a depleted immune system, cardiovascular damage, hair loss, and poor concentration that can lead to accidents. Follow these self-care tips to help reduce your daily stress and improve your overall health.

  • Sleep is vital to emotional and physical health because it helps replenish your energy, aid your natural healing process, and reset your thinking.  Work to get enough sleep that you feel rested the next day.
  • Watch what you eat. Stress can lead to a poor diet that can actually make you more vulnerable to stress. Maintain a healthy diet to reduce your stress.
  • Keep a regular exercise routine. Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which can damage you internally, and the best way to rid your body of cortisol is through exercise. It also releases endorphins that make you feel happier.
  • Keep your social supports close to help you vent off steam from the day and process your emotions about stressful situations.
  • Use hobbies that you enjoy to help provide a distraction from stressful thoughts and promote happiness and calm.
  • Take time to pamper your mind and body. A nice bubble bath is an easy way to give yourself some well-deserved pampering!
  • Keep a positive attitude. Use positive affirmations to help when you’re feeling drained or down about life.

Smart Way Insurance Agency

Smart Way Insurance Agency provides health insurance in the Sandy, UT area. We will help you personalize your health insurance to your unique situation and select a plan that provides the coverage you need.

What Is A Personal Umbrella Policy and Why Do I Need One?

Your top priority is protecting your family, your home, and your personal assets, which is why you have insurance. But, what if you have a lot of assets to protect that aren’t covered by your homeowner’s or automobile policy? Personal umbrella insurance can bridge that gap. Umbrella insurance adds extra liability coverage above and beyond another insurance policy and is designed to protect you from potentially devastating large liability claims or judgments. When your Peoria, AZ homeowners or auto insurance policy limits have been exhausted, personal umbrella coverage kicks in. Personal umbrella insurance covers:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Landlord liability
  • Property damage

How Does a Personal Insurance Policy Work?

If you are found to be at fault in an automobile accident that injures another driver, the other driver may be covered up to the limit of your selected Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance policy, for example, $250,000. But what will you do if that coverage limit isn’t enough to cover the injured party’s excessive medical bills?

If their injuries are severe, and you are found to be responsible, your $250,000 car insurance policy won’t cover the extra costs, and if they sue you, your personal assets could be on the line. For example, what if the injured party is a highly paid professional such as a surgeon, and the collision you caused resulted in injuries that kept her from being able to practice medicine for six months or more? They would likely sue you for the time they are away from work. If they sued for a million dollars to cover their down time, how would you pay for it?

While your automobile policy’s liability coverage might pay up to your $250,000, but you’ll be responsible for the remaining $750,000. With a personal umbrella policy in place, additional costs beyond your standard insurance policy will be covered so you won’t be left struggling to pay the remaining balance yourself. Having umbrella coverage could help you protect your bank balance, your Peoria, AZ home, and other personal assets and property.

Are you interested in increasing your asset protection in the unfortunate event of an accident? Contact your Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance agent today for answers to questions you may have about personal umbrella policies. We’ll help you determine if having additional liability coverage makes sense for you and your family.  

Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Being diagnosed with cancer can feel devastating.  With the possibilities of treatment options in the Peoria, AZ area today, many go on to live an active normal life. Surviving a cancer diagnosis often makes one think about their mortality and their loved ones, which often leads to thinking about life insurance.  You may believe life insurance is impossible, but this is incorrect, there are policy options.

Life insurance may be a little more complicated if you have just recovered, and it can also depend on the type, stage, and location of the cancer. Because you’ve survived, that increases the prognosis. A new policy can be more expensive at first, but it can be decreased to a better rate over time.  It’s important that you keep following your doctor’s advice, continue with your follow-up visits, and make healthy life decisions.

Depending on the type of life insurance, after two to five years you can have them review your case to lower the premiums. You will need to provide your medical records, and it’s a good idea to have your physicians write a letter about how you’ve been managing your life since your recovery. For example, if you have lost weight, go to the gym regularly, stopped smoking or drinking, and are living a healthier life, then you want your doctor to let the insurance company know.  It can reduce your rates and move you to a lower risk and premium.

Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance

The agents at Schaller & Thomas Family Insurance in the Peoria, AZ area puts customer service first. Our agents have experience with life insurance and health issues to help you find the right life insurance option to help you take care of your loved ones if you are no longer there.